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Goodson Family August 11, 2010

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This is precious little family. Haddy is a mess. Adorable. Her parents were afraid of how she would react in front of a camera. She hadnt had her pictures done since she was a tiny baby. Once Haddy warmed up to me she was unstoppable. She was cheesing and “standing like princess”. Too cute. She handled the heat and all the attention very well. They might have  little beauty queen on their hands!


Priscila and Salomao: Brazil Beach wedding August 10, 2010

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YAY PRISCILA GOT MARRIED! Priscila is my sister! Well…not technically but she might as well be. We met back in college when she was mine and my sister’s roommate. It was her first year attending school in the US. So we all got really close really quick. My family became her family and vice versa. I could talk all day about how flipping proud of her I am. She got several degrees while her in the states and is one of the strongest people I know. Im so glad shes my “sister” and sooooo glad she found her soulmate, Salomao. He is amazing. I 100% approved of this match. They are soooo in love and Im so honored to be part of their lives.

These two crazy kids got married in Recife, Brazil at 6 AM!!!! Yes….6 AM! Lets just say Im glad Brazil has great coffee! ha. It was a different experience than American weddings and it was perfect.

Me and Sila! Such a happy day!

All the girlies!!

SSo happy for you Sila and Salomao!!! Eu te amo!


Amanda Servideo Bridals August 9, 2010

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So Ive made a promise to myself to have a blog post 3 times a week if not more. Ive really been busy lately and used the line “dont have the time” waaaaay too much. So here is a bridal of a bride I shot a bit ago. But felt she deserved a little blog love too!

Meet Amanda. Where to start with her. She booked me 14 months in advance!!! So needless to say by the time the wedding got here I felt like a great friend or long lost cousin as opposed to a vendor. She is a joy to work with and her wedding was a blast. She and her (now)husband were my guinea pigs for the PhotoGuestBook. We had a blast. Here is her bridal shot that was displayed at the reception!


HIGH/low August 7, 2010

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My mom used to always make us name 3 good things about our day. Usually while sitting around the dinner table. so I got (stole) this idea from a photographer friend of mine, Jenna Henderson. She is a fabulous photographer in the Middle TN area if your ever looking. Im a blog stalker of lots of people. 🙂 Dont be creeped out. hahaha Every saturday Im gonna post my “Highs and Lows”  for that past week. Maybe with a pic from that week or just a random one I find.

I find it interesting when I read others blogs who do something similar to this so maybe someone will find mine interesting! 🙂

Lets start with the Lows:

1. My mom was in the hospital and I had to sleep in a hospital recliner. Yuck (does this count as two? lol)

2. Somebody left a red scratch on the bumper of my new car :..( But I think it will come off (suggestions?)

3. My computer is being weird. I probably need to clean it up a bit. (to do list for next week)

4. Its hot!!!



2. I got all my blogs for next week ready and waiting to go! WOO!

3. Ive been in a fantastic mood!

4. I worked out 4 times this week.

5. Got a new Wii game, Just Dance. Soooo fun. You must get it.

6. My mom is home from the hospital. YAY

CA trip 2009. Me and my girls took a trip to California last December. I had a wedding to shoot in Fresno and we had never been so we went. We were taking pics of the Santa Monica Pier and then I turned around and noticed how all the lights from the pier was turning the sand purple. I thought it was neat and thats usually enough reason for me to take a picture of it! 🙂


Brazil Trip 2010 August 6, 2010

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Ok….so this is personal blog entry.

I recently took my 3rd trip to the fabulous country of Brazil. I LOVE that place. My first two trips were for mission trips to small towns and villages. But this time it was for business/personal. I shot a wedding while I was there. Blog about that coming soon. But it was mainly for a vacation and to visit with my “second family”. My sister Emily, 2 friends (Dee and Meredith), and I packed our bags and left our hectic lives here for a nice relaxing week away. Those who know me may find this hard to believe but I turned my phone OFF for a WEEK! No calls, no texting, no nothing. Facebook was occasional for updating family of our whereabouts. But yes A WEEK with no phone….it was great. I should do that more. haha  We all had a blast…sat on the beach, ate fun foods, saw some cool things, and experienced another culture. It was fantastic. I could go on all day. 🙂

Here are a few pics of the scenery 🙂  Click to see them larger….the panoramics dont fit well in this blog. lol

Wedding Location. I love this one!

View out of our apartment where we stayed. The beach (picture above and below) was 3 blocks to the right. Such a rough life. 🙂

I love it when clouds do this!


PHOTO GUESTBOOKS!!! August 5, 2010

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The days of “writing names in a book that you will never look at again”guest book are over!!!  What a better way to liven up your wedding or any type of event for that matter. I cannot explain to you how much fun we all had with this…old men in tiaras and funny messages. haha good times.

Take a look at this sneak peek at the first wedding I had this at. Thanks to Amanda and Brandon for letting use them as my guinea pigs! I think it turned out fantastic!!


Lowery Family August 4, 2010

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The days of close knit families sitting around playing music and enjoying each others company are not as common as they used to be. The Lowery Family is a rare breed. They all play instruments or sing. So talented. It was so fun to get to witness several impromptu jam sessions. Very cool.

I know Jennifer (the mom) thru a networking group Im in. She asked me to take pictures of her family. I didnt know what a fabulous group they were. Jennifer’s parents live with them and what great people they are. They have a big anniversary coming up and wanted updated pictures for their party. We wanted some more formal shots as well as outside/fun stuff. So I packed up my backdrop and lights and took them to their house. We got some pretty cool stuff